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Wounds to Wisdom, Pain to Purpose and Fear to Faith

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2019

My Purpose

I started this website and blog as a result of the many conversations and coaching engagements I have had with individuals around the world. Some of these interactions have been because of my business coaching and others due to non-business relationships. The one constant thread, that runs through each relationship, is the clear realization for the need for Purpose and Joy in our lives. God placed me here to work with you and along side you, so you may fulfill your purpose and find joy in His promises. I know this is part of my purpose, to help you find you. 

Your Purpose 

What is your purpose? Likely you are already on the path to your intended purpose, and maybe you don't even know it. You may feel an empty space inside your heart, your mind and your daily walk. You are desperately seeking to find you. That empty space will gnaw at you until it is filled. If your are like me, you likely have tried to fill it with things that just don't satisfy the yearning....

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