Every Day Is Freedom

... even with a messy past and life. And, we all have a messy past.

I Believe In You!

Today is the day you start the journey to clarify your purpose and create the lifestyle you dream about. 

You can build the future you were meant to live by creating a life plan and making it come to life! 

Let's Get Started

We will work together to build what you need to live every day in freedom.

It has been proven that those with a written vision story, a time based plan of action and are accountable to their dreams, achieve incredible results. Why not you?


You will have a clear and crafted vision for your future. You will know where you are going. Your purpose will be clear and documented. 


A vision of where you want to go is nothing without a plan to get there. You will have a prioritized plan outlining the steps of how to get there. 


The missing ingredient in many implementation plans is accountability. You will be part of a community that cares about your success. 

"My purpose is helping others reach their full potential by finding their purpose in life and true joy in God's promises." - Gregory Gray


"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom". 2 Corinthians 3:17

The Every Day Is Freedom Program

The course curriculum will carry you from start to finish. Each module is crafted from the proven coaching program. It is self paced. 

The live coaching sessions for EDIF will allow you to ask questions, get answers and gain some clarity in areas you may need assistance. 

The community is built around two core principles, sharing successes and personal accountability. We all need support on our journey. 

"For many years, due to lack of clarity, I had trouble crafting the life I wanted to live. With the techniques I teach you in the EDIF program, I learned how to craft a Vision Story and make it come to life. Now our family lives a life of freedom every day. "

Gregory Gray
Founder of Every Day Is Freedom



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