Virtual Mastermind

A powerful way to gain clarity, receive honest feedback and grow in business and life is through a mastermind. We are very intentional about selecting only the right people for our masterminds. Everyone must go through an application and vetting process for character, attitude and fit before we approve them for a mastermind slot. 

How the Mastermind is constructed...

1. We meet virtually via Zoom for the convenience of all involved. 

2. We meet the first three weeks of the month for one hour at the allotted time.

3. The agenda is as follows:

  • Big Wins for the week - for just a few minutes
  • Catch up on past weeks actions - five to ten minutes
  • Subject matter or book review - fifteen minutes
  • Business Hot Seat or Person in the Middle - twenty-five to thirty minutes

4. We require a minimum of three months engagement, however we want each member to see this as a long term commitment, as the team culture is critical to the success of the mastermind. Extreme trust is built through time and engagement. 

Fill out the application today and get started your road to positive transformation. 


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