Virtual Coaching for Business

One the best ways to transform your business is through the direct coaching model. We utilize virtual coaching for convenience and efficient use of all of our time. We have guided hundreds of businesses through these engagements. We have seen lives changed as their business and life transformed. 

1. We will meet the first three weeks of the month for 1 hour each week. The fourth week of the month we use as a catch up week. 

2. We meet virtually via Zoom so we can still work face to face. There is a call in option if you are traveling or out of the office. 

3. The minimum commitment is three months, converting to month to month following the third month. 

4. There are two tracks we follow in our coaching; the leadership development system or the business freedom system. 

5. You will have full access to either the proprietary leadership development system or the proprietary business freedom system for as long as they are hosted. 

6. As a support to the coaching and a continuation of engagement, we offer Gray University. Membership is based on a low monthly fee. 


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