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DISC Personality Analysis

Understanding what inspires the individuals within your business is a priority of compelling leaders.  Our comprehensive assessments will give you remarkable insight in ways to communicate with your employees and structure your business.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to truly identify the passion that drives your people!


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Leaderfluence Consulting

A thriving business is defined by visionary leadership.  Discover what it takes to establish a business where authentic, quality leadership is the compass that drives the business and its members to achieve.  Discuss one-on-one with Greg, the strengths and weaknesses of your company.  Discover what is needed to turn the present struggles into future successes.  A company's culture is the shadow of its leader.

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Business Owner Freedom

Greg's book on building a sound, prospering business and overcoming the overwhelm experienced by many business owners will become available in the Spring of 2018.  Join our waiting list and be part of the growing community of business owners who want the tools needed to put the chaos in the past!

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Become part of a community of business owners and leaders.  Participation in a mastermind can advance what you know about yourself and your business potential.  Within these small group meetings, we will  discuss the various aspects of business ownership!  From financial peace, to hiring the best suited employees, to balancing work and life.  All aspects of successful and fulfilling business ownership are examined and explored!

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