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Wounds to Wisdom, Pain to Purpose and Fear to Faith

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2019

My Purpose

I started this website and blog as a result of the many conversations and coaching engagements I have had with individuals around the world. Some of these interactions have been because of my business coaching and others due to non-business relationships. The one constant thread, that runs through each relationship, is the clear realization for the need for Purpose and Joy in our lives. God placed me here to work with you and along side you, so you may fulfill your purpose and find joy in His promises. I know this is part of my purpose, to help you find you. 

Your Purpose 

What is your purpose? Likely you are already on the path to your intended purpose, and maybe you don't even know it. You may feel an empty space inside your heart, your mind and your daily walk. You are desperately seeking to find you. That empty space will gnaw at you until it is filled. If your are like me, you likely have tried to fill it with things that just don't satisfy the yearning. You may seem 'happy' for a little while, but the emptiness comes back yet again, and even stronger. I know what fills the empty space once and for all. I know, because I have found my purpose, along with true joy that accompanies it. Let's find yours.

Wounds, Pain and Fear

The greatest hindrance to finding purpose and true joy are the bad experiences of life, whether inflicted by someone else or initiated by yourself. This is what the evil one uses to knock you off track. These are his tools of the trade, and they are effective. When you are done wrong, and I mean very wrong, you have a choice to make. You can either use it to learn and grow or you can succumb to the trial and be lost from your purpose for living. Yes, I know that is heavy and tough to hear, but we are truly talking about your one life here. You have one pass through life to be who you were made to be.  Together we can find a way for you to turn your wounds into wisdom, your pain into purpose and your fear into faith. It can be done.

What to do?

This all sounds great until it becomes clear that the difficult part is the first step. 'Where do I begin?', you may be thinking. How do I start? These are the most logical questions to ask. That is exactly what you will be using to start the journey, logic. You have been living too long with errant beliefs and emotions driving your actions. It's time to release the new directions in your life to logic, reason and faith. No, it will not be easy to make the change, however it has been done thousands of times. Others have done it and you can too. I've done it. Yes, I have had to battle through some massive storms in life to stay on the journey God intended for me. It takes a deep faith that overcomes all fear. It also takes letting the wounds go, so wisdom can be derived from the experiential learning. 

Your Invitation

I invite you along the journey with us, the Purpose and Joy tribe, to seek what you know you need and want of find. Join us in seeking a better way through a God given, purposeful life and true joy in His promises. I promise you that wisdom, purpose and faith are waiting for you to claim them. 

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