Assess. Discover. Transform.


Assessments will enable leaders to make informed hiring decisions and manage with skill and effectiveness.


For a person to learn not only how they behave in certain situations, but what drives them to do so, is incredibly valuable information that can help individuals looking to improve their current situation. Not only can assessments help a company find the right candidate, they can help an individual find their perfect job and company work culture in which they will thrive.

-Gray Solutions

Our Data Goes Deep 

"Using predictive analytics, our assessments provide data to help our customers understand themselves, their teams, and then to perform at optimal levels. The data is customized to your company, to your people and tells the story of your unique culture.
Individualized and custom group reports provide deep insight into the people who make up your organization.
It’s information that scientifically reveals potential and transforms it to performance."

-TTI Success Insights

The Influence of Assessment

After working with a Value Added Associates and using TTI SI assessments, businesses and individuals experience:

  • Better communication
  • Hiring accuracy; elimination of bad hires
  • Increased employee retention
  • Improved productivity
  • Better workplace engagement
  • Better job fit
  • Increased sales training and effectiveness
  • Improved management effectiveness
  • Effective development of high potential employees
  • Reduction of destructive stress

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